Sachs, Senior

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SACHS, SENIOR (1815–1892), Hebrew scholar. Born near Kovno, Lithuania, Sachs lived for two years in Brody (1839–40), studying Hebrew scholarly and philosophic literature, and specializing in German and other ancient and modern languages. For two years he taught in Raseiniai, where he befriended the novelist Abraham *Mapu. In 1856, Baron J. *Guenzburg took him to Paris to teach his son and grandson; Sachs remained there until the end of his life. His studies encompassed several aspects of medieval Jewish literature, especially religio-philosophical thought and the Hebrew poetry of Spain. From ancient manuscripts he published many selections, concentrating especially on Solomon ibn *Gabirol. His articles and studies, written only in Hebrew, were published in the Hebrew periodicals from the 1840s on.

Among the pamphlets and journals which he edited were Kanfei Yonah (1848); Ha-Palit (1850); Ha-Teḥiyyah (2 vols., 1850–57), a journal that published old manuscripts with notes; and Kikayon Yonah (1860). He also compiled a list of books and manuscripts in the Guenzburg library (unpublished), Reshimot Sefarim Kitvei Yad (1866); and Shir ha-Shirim Asher li-Shelomo Gevirol (1868). He edited *Kerem Ḥemed from 1854 to 1856.


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