Sachs, Judith

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SACHS, Judith

SACHS, Judith. Also writes as Emily Chase, Petra Diamond, Rebecca Diamond, Jennifer Saal, Jocelyn Saal, Jennifer Sarasin, Antonia Saxon. American, b. 1947. Genres: Novels, Romance/Historical, Medicine/Health, Self help, Sex. Career: Full-time writer since 1979. Editorial Assistant, The Magazine, NYC, 1969-70; Assistant, then Associate Ed., Saturday Review Press, NYC, 1970-73; Managing Ed., Arbor House Publishing, NYC, 1973; Sr. Ed., Delacorte Press, NYC, 1973-77, and Hawthorn Books, NYC, 1977- 79. Publications: SCREENPLAYS: (with A. Bruno) Smoky Joe's High Ride, 1983; (with A. Bruno) Just Another Friday Night, 1984. NOVELS: Rites of Spring, 1987. NON-FICTION: (with P. Sinaikin) After the Fast, 1990; (with M. Schwartzman) The Anxious Parent, 1990; What Women Can Do about Chronic Endometriosis, 1991; What Women Should Know about Menopause, 1991; (with A. Mollen) Dr. Mollen's Anti-Aging Diet, 1992; What You Can Do About Osteoporosis, 1993; (with L. Domash) "Wanna Be My Friend?": How to Strengthen Your Child's Social Skills, 1993; (with P. Sinaikin) Fat Madness, 1993; When Someone You Love Has AIDS, 1994; The Healing Power of Sex, 1994; (with E. Ross) Healing the Female Heart, 1995; What Every Woman Needs to Know about Estrogen: Natural and Traditional Therapies for a Longer, Healthier Life, 1997; The Natural Healing Guide to Heart Disease, 1997; Reflexology: An A-to-Z Guide to Pressure Point Healing, 1997; Natural Healing for the Pregnant Woman, 1997; Nature's Prozac, 1997. AS EMILY CHASE: The Big Crush, 1984; With Friends Like That, 1985. AS PETRA DIAMOND: Confidentially Yours, 1984; Night of a Thousand Stars, 1985; Play It Again, Sam, 1986. AS REBECCA DIAMOND: Summer Romance 1982. AS JENNIFER SAAL: Honor the Dream, 1988. AS JOCELYN SAAL: Dance of Love, 1982; Trusting Hearts, 1982; Running Mates, 1983; On Thin Ice, 1983. AS JENNIFER SARASIN: Spring Love, 1983; The Hidden Room, 1984; Splitting, 1985; Cheating, 1985; Living It Up, 1986; Taking Over, 1987; Together Again, 1987; Acting Up, 1988; Getting Serious, 1988; Here to Stay, 1988. AS ANTONIA SAXTON: Paradiso, 1983; Above the Moon, 1984.