Schwarzenberg, Felix, Fürst zu

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Felix Schwarzenberg, Fürst zu (fā´lĬks fürst tsōō shvär´tsənbĕrk), 1800–1852, Austrian premier; nephew of Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg. A soldier and diplomat, he was named (Nov., 1848) premier at the urging of his brother-in-law, Prince Windischgrätz, who had crushed the revolutions of 1848 in Prague (June) and Vienna (October). Schwarzenberg persuaded Emperor Ferdinand to abdicate in favor of the young Francis Joseph and in 1849 suppressed the revolutionaries in Hungary with the aid of the Russians. At the Convention of Olmütz (1850), he humiliated Prussia by gaining recognition of a restored German Confederation under Austrian leadership.

See biography by A. Schwarzenberg (1946).

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Schwarzenberg, Felix, Fürst zu

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