Rode (Rosenzweig), Walther

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RODE (Rosenzweig), WALTHER

RODE (Rosenzweig ), WALTHER (1876–1934), Austrian jurist. Born in Czernowitz (Chernovtsy), Rode was the son of Leon Rosenzweig, writer and deputy to the Austrian Reichsrat. He became a prominent criminal lawyer and was well known for his vehement attacks on the Austrian judiciary under the nom de plume Pamphilius.

In 1929 he published a collection of essays Justiz, and in 1931 Knoepfe und Voegel, a book of literary notes on crime, criminals, and penal courts. Rode worked as journalist in Geneva, and wrote Frieden und Friedensleute (1931), criticizing the League of Nations, and Deutschland ist Caliban (1934).

[Josef J. Lador-Lederer]