Robles Hurtado, José María, St.

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Martyr, pastor, founder of the Victims of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus; b. May 3, 1888, Mascota, Jalisco, Diocese of Tepic, Mexico; d. June 26, 1927, Jalisco, Diocese of Autlán. At age 12, he entered the seminary at Guadalajara, where he distinguished himself by his intelligence and dedication to both his studies and catechesis. While he was still in the seminary, the bishop of Tehuantepec invited him to work in his diocese. He ministered in various parishes after his ordination (1913), hearing confessions and caring for the sick. As pastor of Tecolotlán, Jalisco, he founded the Victimas del Corazón Eucarística de Jesús, now called the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Religiosa Hermanas del Corazón de Jesús Sacramentado ). Because of his fervent love of the Sacred Heart, he wrote pamphlets to propagate the devotion. Robles hid himself during the persecution but did not abandon his flock. He was taken prisoner as he was preparing to celebrate Mass in a private home. He was hanged in the Quila mountain of Jalisco, Diocese of Autlán. Robles' mortal remains lie in the novitiate of the congregation he founded. He was both beatified (Nov. 22, 1992) and canonized (May 21, 2000) with Cristobal ma gallanes [see guadalajara (mexico), martyrs of, ss.] by Pope John Paul II.

Feast: May 25 (Mexico).

Bibliography: j. cardoso, Los mártires mexicanos (Mexico City 1953). j. dÍaz estrella, El movimiento cristero: sociedad y conflicto en los Altos de Jalisco (México, D.F. 1979).

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Robles Hurtado, José María, St.

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