Robison, Sophia

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ROBISON, SOPHIA (1888–1969), U.S. sociologist and criminologist. Born in New York, Sophia Robison was a professor at the New York School of Social Work from 1940 until her retirement in 1958. She did significant studies in the field of juvenile delinquency; her major publications in this field are Can Delinquency Be Measured? (1936) and Juvenile Delinquency: Its Nature and Control (1960). She also did pioneering work in the field of Jewish demography: her Jewish Population Studies (1943) present a thorough statistical analysis of a number of Jewish communities in the northeastern United States. Sophia Robison was a member of the Conference on Jewish Relations since its inception; she cooperated closely with the founder of the conference, Morris Raphael *Cohen.

[Werner J. Cahnman]

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Robison, Sophia

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