RoboCop 3

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RoboCop 3 ★½ 1991 (PG-13)

Robocop's new Japanese owners plan to build a huge, new, ultra-modern city (in place of the decrepit 21st-century Detroit) but first must evict thousands of people in this third installment of the “Robocop” films (which sat on the studio shelf before finally being released in 1993). There's an android Ninja warrior to do battle with Robo, who's gone over to the rebel underground. Plot and action sequences are rehashed from better films. Watch the original. 104m/C VHS, DVD . Robert John Burke, Nancy Allen, John Castle, CCH Pounder, Bruce Locke, Rip Torn, Remi Ryan, Felton Perry, Stephen (Steve) Root; D: Fred Dekker; W: Fred Dekker, Frank Miller; C: Gary B. Kibbe; M: Basil Poledouris.