Phileas of Thmuis, St.

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Martyr, first known bishop of thmuis in the Nile Delta, Egypt; d. Feb. 4, 306. Phileas was a learned and distinguished native of Thmuis who held many civil offices before his conversion and consecration as bishop. Imprisoned during the Diocletian persecution, he joined with three other Egyptian bishops, Hesychius, Pachomius, and Theodorus, in addressing a protest to Meletius, bishop of Lycopolis. Meletius's adherents had invaded their dioceses as well as that of Alexandria, thus beginning the meletian schism. The Acta of Phileas's martyrdom and eusebius in his Ecclesiastical History (8.9.710, 12; 8.13.7) tell of Phileas's trial and beheading with Philoromus, an eminent Roman official. The Acta and a stirring letter of Phileas to his people of Thmuis, given by Eusebius, are regarded by most scholars as authentic.

Feast: Feb. 4 (Latin Church); Jan. 9 (Greek Church).

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