Peraḥyah, Ḥasdai ben Samuel Ha-Kohen

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PERAḤYAH, ḤASDAI BEN SAMUEL HA-KOHEN (?1605–1678), rabbi and halakhist. Peraḥyah belonged to a well-known family in Salonika. He was one of the outstanding disciples of *Ḥayyim Shabbetai. In 1647 he was appointed one of the dayyanim of the old Italian community of the city. In 1671, after the death of Menahem Shullam, he was appointed chief rabbi there, and served, apparently, until his death.

Peraḥyah left behind homilies, novellae, and responsa. His collected responsa, Torat Ḥesed, were published in Salonika in 1722, and others appear in the works of his associates and disciples. Among his pupils were Daniel Gerasi, Jacob di Boton, and his kinsman, Aaron ha-Kohen *Peraḥyah.


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