Lamm, Pavel Aleksandrovich

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LAMM, PAVEL ALEKSANDROVICH (1882–1951), Russian pianist and musicologist. Lamm studied in Moscow and was associated with the "House of Song" established by the soprano Marie Olenina-d'Alheim and became her accompanist (1907–13). From 1919 to 1951 he taught at the Moscow Conservatory. He was also director of the State Music Publication Department in Moscow (1918–23) and established a storehouse for scores that had been confiscated from nationalized Russian music publishing houses. Of particular importance is his scholarly edition of the complete works of the composer Mussorgsky, in which by painstaking research he achieved a restoration of the original score. He also restored Borodin's Prince Igor and reconstructed Tchaikovsky's Voyevoda, which the latter had destroyed and which Lamm was able to reassemble from separate orchestra parts and sketches. He also edited and published unknown works by Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, and other Russian composers, and wrote studies on Russian and Soviet musicians.


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