Lambertenghi of Como, Geremia, Bl.

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Priest of the Franciscan Third Order Regular, called the Martyr of the Cloister because of his exceptional practice of penance; b. of a noble family at Como, Italy, 1440; d. convent of Valverde (Forlí), Mar. 25, 1513. From early youth he showed devotion to Christ's Passion and a love of austerity. In his 20th year he entered the convent of St. Donato, near Como. After ordination, he was appointed to the office of preacher, vicar, and prior in various communities. His apostolic dedication to these duties did not diminish his observance of the rule nor decrease the intensity of his penances. It is recorded that he used an iron chain to discipline his body and often took his rest lying in a coffin through which he had driven 100 nails. There is testimony of his miraculous power before and after death. His body, still uncorrupt, now rests in the Cathedral of Forlí.

Bibliography: r. pazzelli, Il Terz'ordine Regolare di S. Francesco (Rome 1958).

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Lambertenghi of Como, Geremia, Bl.

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