Isaac ben Noah Kohen Shapira

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ISAAC BEN NOAH KOHEN SHAPIRA (late 16th–early 17th century), Polish rabbi and author. Isaac received his talmudic education at the yeshivah of his uncle, Ḥayyim b. Samuel, rabbi in Kremenets. At an early age he was appointed rabbi in Gorodnitsa, later serving in Mezhirech. He was the author of an alphabetically arranged compendium in rhymed verse of the four parts of the Shulḥan Arukh under the title Sefer Zikkaron (also called Zikhron Dinim or Kiẓẓur Pirkei Dinim, Cracow?, 1559?). He further published Petiḥat ha-Lev (Cracow, 1645?), kabbalistic homilies on the Pentateuch, consisting of extracts from his larger unpublished work " Harḥavat ha-Lev."


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Isaac ben Noah Kohen Shapira

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