Isaac of Evreux

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ISAAC OF EVREUX (first half of 13th century), brother of *Moses and Samuel of *Evreux, the three of whom were referred to as "the scholars of Evreux." Their well-known school in Evreux, Normandy, was attended by students from various countries, including Spain; among them were some, such as Jonah *Gerondi, who were to become the leading scholars of the next generation. Greater freedom in teaching than was customary at the time was one of the characteristics of the school, the pupils being permitted to study independently and even to disagree with their teachers, provided they produced proof for their statements. Isaac was apparently the youngest of the brothers. His teachings are interwoven with those of his brothers in the collections of tosafot that emanated from their school, known among early scholars as Shitot me-Evreux ("Opinions of Evreux"). His commentaries on several tractates are also quoted in the printed tosafot. According to Urbach, the printed tosafot to tractate Nazir were edited by Isaac, and those to Kiddushin by one of his pupils; while those to Nedarim are based upon the tosafot of Evreux.


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