Isaac of Monte Luco, St.

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Also known as Isaac of Spoleto, hermit; d. after mid-sixth century. He was a native of Syria who fled the Monophysite persecution and became a recluse for about 50 years in the caves of Monte Luco outside Spoleto, Italy. He was much honored by the Spoletans, in whose behalf he reputedly worked certain wonders. After spending some years in the eremitical life, he had a vision of Our Lady, who bade him to gather followers and to train them in asceticism. He never actually founded a monastery, but directed a kind of laura, or colony of hermits. Little is known of him except from the third book of the Dialogues (3.14) of St. gregory the great (Patrologia Latina, ed. J. P. Migne 77:244248).

Feast: April 11; April 15 (Spoleto).

Bibliography: Acta Sanctorum April 2:2730, contains also the pertinent section from Gregorianum, Dialogi. Bibliotheca hagiographica latina antiquae et mediae aetatis, 2 v. (Brussels 18981901; suppl. 1911) 1:4475.

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