Isaac ben Bezalel of Vladimir

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ISAAC BEN BEZALEL OF VLADIMIR (d. 1576), Polish rabbi. To Isaac, as to his contemporaries *Shalom Shachna and Kalman of Worms, belongs the credit for the expansion of talmudic studies in Poland. He was considered a front-ranking authority in the halakhic field (cf. resp. Solomon *Luria, nos. 1, 15, 35ff.; resp. She'erit Yosef (Joseph Kohen), 17; resp. Moses *Isserles, 91). An opinion of Isaac on an *agunah matter is included in the "new" responsa of Joel *Sirkes (no. 4). He also wrote annotations to the Talmud, to *Asher b. Jehiel, and *Mordecai b. Hillel. Numerous decisions of Isaac are quoted by his grandson, *David b. Samuel ha-Levi (Turei Zahav, oḤ no. 153; yd no. 113; eh no. 129; Ḥm no. 3).


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[Samuel Abba Horodezky]

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Isaac ben Bezalel of Vladimir

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