Isaac ben Jacob Min Ha-Leviyyim

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ISAAC BEN JACOB MIN HA-LEVIYYIM ("of the levites"; b. 1621), Italian rabbi. He was orphaned at an early age and was brought up in the house of his grandfather, Leone *Modena. He was a printer, proofreader, cantor, and preacher in his native Venice. He was the author of Ma'asei Ḥakhamim (Venice, 1647), talmudic aggadot based on Jacob ibn *Ḥabib's Ein Ya'akov, Leone da Modena's Beit Yehudah, with commentaries; Medabber Tahpukhot, memoirs (published by L. Blau); Yiẓḥak Meẓaḥek, an anthology of poems, apparently no longer extant (several of Isaac's poems have been printed in other works, e.g., Yom Tov Valvason's Hed Urim, Venice, 1662); extracts from Moses *Cordovero's Pardes Rimmonim (Salonika n.d., Venice, 1586); and Pesikta Rabbati, a collection of decisions (neither of the latter works is extant). Isaac also wrote introductions to numerous works by others, including his grandfather's Magen va-Ḥerev. He was one of those who took part in the inquiry against *Nathan of Gaza (see Samuel *Aboab, Devar Shemu'el, no. 375).


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Isaac ben Jacob Min Ha-Leviyyim

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