Isaac ben Judah

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ISAAC BEN JUDAH (c. 1080), liturgical poet. While it is not known where Isaac flourished, his piyyutim have been included for the most part in the Maḥzor Romania; for that reason Zunz assumed that Isaac must have originally come from the Byzantine Empire. Isaac composed yoẓerot with the corresponding zulatot (hymns) for the four special *Sabbaths, for Shabbat *ha-Gadol, and for Shabbat *Bereshit. He may also have composed an ofan, as well as a seliḥah, for the Fast of *Esther. Content, structure, and stylistic peculiarities of Isaac's poetry indicate that he belonged to the old paytanic school.


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[Jefim (Hayyim) Schirmann]

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Isaac ben Judah

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