Ḥana ben Bizna

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HANA BEN BIZNA (third–fourth century c.e.), Babylonian amora. Ḥana was primarily an aggadist, most of his statements being quoted in the name of Simeon Ḥasida (Ber. 7a; 43b; Yoma 77a, et al.), whose name is otherwise unknown. One of them is, "Better that a man throw himself into a fiery furnace than put his neighbor to shame in public" (bm 59a, et al.). His contemporary, *Sheshet, admitted that Ḥana was his superior in the field of aggadah (Suk. 52b). Ḥana was judge in Pumbedita in *Naḥman b. Isaac's time (Ket. 50b; bk 12a) but he is also mentioned as being in Nehardea where, in spite of criticism he allowed himself to frequent pagan barber shops (Av. Zar. 29a). The amora*Joseph relied on his judgment in matters of halakhah (Suk. 47a).


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