Han Han

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Han Han, 1982–, Chinese writer and auto racing driver. His first novel, the scathing Triple Door, written at age 19, was based on his experiences with China's educational system, and was a runaway best seller. Han became a celebrity, and has since written more than a dozen other books. In 2006 he began what became China's most popular personal blog. His early posts were largely attacks on various writers and musicians, but he later increasingly criticized China's leadership and its policies (though he has not challenged the basic authority or primacy of the Communist party). His first work translated into English, This Generation (2012), is a collection of blogs and essays written from 2006 to 2012. Since the early 2000s, Han also has been a racecar driver, competing for a leading Shanghai team. In 2010, the first issue of his magazine Party quickly sold out; the second issue was banned.