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Hamtramck (hămtrăm´Ĭk), city (1990 pop. 18,372), Wayne co., SE Mich., within the confines of Detroit; inc. as a city 1922. There is meat processing, as well as the manufacture of machinery, foods, motor vehicles, transportation equipment, chemicals, and plastic products. The site was settled by the French in the late 18th cent. The city grew quickly after the coming of the automobile industry (c.1910). Points of interest include St. Florian's Church (a prime example of Gothic architecture); and the memorial and grave of Col. John F. Hamtramck, first U.S. commander of the Detroit garrison. The city, which long had a large Polish-American community and had various Polish cultural events, has grown more ethnically diverse, and now also has significant numbers of Middle Eastern and South Asian immigrants.