Hananiah (Hanina) of Sepphoris

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HANANIAH (Hanina ) OF SEPPHORIS , Palestinian amora (late fourth century. c.e.). Probably a disciple of R. Phinehas, many of whose teachings he transmitted (tj, Ma'as. 3:3, 50c; tj, Or. 1:8, 61c, et al.), he is mentioned frequently in halakhic and aggadic conflict with his friend and contemporary Mana b. Jonah (tj, Hal. 2:2, 58c; tj, Pes. 3:1, 30a, et al.; also, tj, Ber. 3:1, 6a; tj, Ket. 1:2, 25b) who may have been his brother (tj, mk 3:5, 82d). After the death of R. Jonah, Hananiah was head of the academy of Sepphoris but later resigned from his post in favor of Mana, and assumed the position of student under him (tj, Ma'as. Sh. 3:9, 54c; tj, Yev. 3:4, 4d, et al.). Because of this R. Hananiah was listed among those "who have relinquished their crown in this world, to inherit the glory of the world to come" (tj, Pes. 6:33a). There is a geonic tradition to the effect that Hananiah emigrated to Babylonia (Teshuvot ha-Ge'onim Harkavy, §248), where he joined the circle of Rav Ashi (bb 25b; Ḥul. 139b); however it is obvious that, for chronological reasons, it is necessary to differentiate between the two Hananiahs.


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