Hanan the Egyptian

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HANAN THE EGYPTIAN (second century c.e.), tanna. He is mentioned in a baraita brought a number of times in the Babylonian Talmud (Yoma 63b, Zevahim 34b and 74a, Menaḥot 59b, Temurah 6b; cf. Tosefta Zevahim 3:6). The other two references to him in talmudic sources are contradictory, and one of them is uncertain. He is mentioned together with ben Azai and ben Zoma, as one of "those who argued before the sages" in *Jabneh (tb Sanh. 17b). On the other hand he is placed in Jerusalem before the destruction of the Second Temple, but only as an alternative reading in the text of a baraita in tb Ket. 105a.


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[Zvi Kaplan]