Hananiah (Hanina) ben Ḥakhinai

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HANANIAH (Hanina ) BEN ḤAKHINAI (sometimes referred to simply as Ben Hakhinai ; middle of the second century c.e.), tanna in Ereẓ Israel. Hananiah was "one of those who debated before the sages" in *Jabneh (Sanh. 17b). He was one of the distinguished pupils of *Akiva (Tosef. Ber. 4:18), who also taught him mystic lore (Tosef., Ḥag. 2:2; Ḥag. 14b). He studied with Akiva in Bene-Berak for 12 years without once returning home (Ket. 62b), and his wife was held up as an example of a "helpmeet for him" because of her forbearance (Gen. R. 17:3). He then dwelt apparently in Sidon from where he sent a query to Akiva (Nid. 52b). He is quoted three times in the Mishnah, Kilayim 4:8, Makkot 3:9, and in Avot 3:4, where he states: "He who wakes up at night, or he who goes on his way alone, and turns his heart to idle thoughts, sins against himself." He is also mentioned several times in the Tosefta, one of his dicta there being: "He who deals falsely with his fellow denies God" (Shevu. 3:6). He also knew many languages (tj, Shek. 5:1, 48d). According to one version in a late Midrash he was one of the *Ten Martyrs.


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