Ginsburg, Evgenia Semionova

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GINSBURG, EVGENIA SEMIONOVA (1906–1978), Russian writer; mother of the writer Vasili Axenov. She was born in Kazan and spent the years 1937–48 in prisons were she wrote the poem "And again like grown white Jews" (I vnov kak sedye evreii) on 31 of October 1937. The refrain of the poem says: /Next year in Jerusalem/. In the Samizdat she published her memoirs from the prisons and camps Krutoi Marshrut (Intothe Whirwind). It was published in all European languages abroad in the 1970s. In 1966 the journal Yunost published her documentary novel about the students in the 1920s. Various items of her writings were published in the Soviet press under the pseudonym Ye. Axsenova.