Englard, Yitzhak

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ENGLARD, YITZHAK (1933– ), Israeli jurist. Englard was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He received his Magister Juris (cum laude) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1956 and his Diploma d'Etudes Superieures at the Faculte de Droit, Paris. Admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1960, he served in the Israel Defense Forces (as judge advocate) in 1962–63. Subsequently he became professor and later dean of the Hebrew University Law Faculty and director of the university's Institute for Research in Jewish Law. He was also a visiting professor at the University of Zurich, Switzerland; the University of Grenbole, France; and the University of Toronto, Canada. He was also an honorary member of the World Jewish Academy of Sciences.

In 1997 Englard was awarded the Israel Prize for law and in 1997–2003 he served as a justice of the Israel Supreme Court, occupying the "Orthodox seat." He wrote numerous books and articles on torts and Jewish law, state and religion, legal capacity and comparative law. Englard has been a critic of Menachem *Elon's dogmatic-historic approach to *Mishpat Ivri, preferring to place the emphasis on spiritual input rather than legal doctrine in assessing the desired relationship between halakhah and Israeli law.

[Leon Fine (2nd ed.)]