Englart, Mindi Rose 1965-

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ENGLART, Mindi Rose 1965-


Born October 10, 1965, in Newark, NJ; daughter of Alan (a business owner) and Carol (a registered nurse) Englart; married Kiva Sutton (a humor writer, illustrator, and cartoonist). Education: Attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1983-85; University of Hartford, B.F.A., 1988; Wesleyan University, M.A., 2004. Politics: Democratic. Religion: Jewish. Hobbies and other interests: Learning, reading, traveling, camping, conversing.


Office—East Rock Coaching & Consulting, LLC, 145 Cottage St., B1, New Haven, CT 06511. E-mail—[email protected].


Freelance writer and editor, 1990—; founder of East Rock Coaching & Consulting, LLC, New Haven, CT, 2001—; high school creative writing and journalism teacher, New Haven, CT, 2002—. Yoga teacher for chronically ill and the elderly, New Haven, CT, 1993—. Poetry judge for California Chapparal Poets; program coordinator for City Wide Open Studios (New Haven, CT). College essay advisor; writing coach; mentor for local young artists. Publisher of Etcetera Journal, Volumes 1-6, Etcetera Press (New Haven, CT), 1996-98. Coordinating Council for Children in Crisis, board member.


Network Inc. of New Haven.


Fellowship, Yale Teachers Institute, Yale University, 2003; scholarship, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.



Music CDs, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2000.

Newspapers, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2000.

Bikes, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.

Helicopters, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.

Pens, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.


Architect, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.

Chef, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.

EMS Worker, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.

Firefighter, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.

Police Officer, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2002.

TV Reporter, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2003.

Veterinarian, Blackbirch Press (Woodbridge, CT), 2003.


Also author of 2002 Success Calendar, East Rock Coaching & Consulting, LLC (New Haven, CT), 2002. Creative work has been published in Poet's Park, Dirigible, Spirit Journal, Sun, New Haven Arts, and Etcetera Journal. Editor of Etcetera Journal, Volumes 1-6, Etcetera Press (New Haven, CT), 1996-98.


Stretch, a novel about a young woman's search for self, spirituality, and purpose while living in a yoga ashram for four years; ghostwriting an autobiography of Melvin H. Wearing, New Haven's retired police chief; research on building communities; research on the stories of elderly people.


Mindi Rose Englart's work focuses on providing creative and educational information for children. Her major contributions have been to two series of books published by Blackbirch Press: "Made in the USA" and "How Do I Become a …?" These slim volumes present factual and pictorial information geared to piquing the interest of youngsters and answering basic questions about everyday products and careers. Englart's interest in creative writing led her to develop a small press literary journal, Etcetra, which showcased the works of both established and emerging writers and artists. She also devotes considerable effort to encouraging young artists and writers in her community.

Geared towards grades three through six, Englart's "How Do I Become a …?" books "focus mostly on the schooling and training necessary to enter each field," observed Melinda Piehler in her review of Architect and Chef for School Library Journal. Piehler also found "both books … sound selections where needed." Music CDs and Newspapers, both from the "Made in the USA" series, "clearly explain and illustrate" the way the featured product is manufactured, commented Frieda F. Bostian in her Horn Book Guide review.



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