Elijah ben Eliezer Philosoph Ha-Yerushalmi

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ELIJAH BEN ELIEZER PHILOSOPH HA-YERUSHALMI (fl. 15th century), scholar and Hebrew poet who lived in Crete. Elijah wrote a book on logic, Sefer Higgayon al Derekh She'elot u-Teshuvot (manuscripts in Leiden, Paris, and Parma), which is based entirely on Aristotelian logic, omitting the categories. He also wrote Perush Pirkei ha-Merkavah, a commentary on Maimonides' interpretation of Ezekiel's vision in his Guide (manuscript in Paris). In this work Elijah cites his commentary on the book of *Bahir. He is also the author of a number of poems written in Hebrew and Aramaic and of prayers in prose (Mss. Parma 997; Paris 707).


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Elijah ben Eliezer Philosoph Ha-Yerushalmi

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