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ELIEZER OF TOUL (d. before 1234), French tosafist. Eliezer came from Toul, near the German border. He studied under *Isaac b. Samuel the Elder of Dampierre. For some time he lived in Boppard, Germany, where he served as a tutor in the household of one of the local leaders of the community. When the latter withheld his remuneration, the case was referred to the rabbis. Eliezer's talmudic discussions appear in the works of later *posekim, the disciples of *Meir b. Baruch of Rothenburg. Zedekiah b. Abraham *Anav of Rome mentions that he consulted his tosafot to tractate Beẓah, but these have not survived.


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[Israel Moses Ta-Shma]

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Eliezer of Toul

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