Elijah ben Raphael Solomon Ha-Levi

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ELIJAH BEN RAPHAEL SOLOMON HA-LEVI (end of 18th and beginning of 19th century), Italian rabbi, author, kabbalist, and liturgical poet. Elijah was both a pupil and a colleague of Isaac *Lampronti together with whom he studied under Judah *Briel in Mantua. He was at first rabbi of Finale and later worked in Alessandria. He composed a number of marriage poems and other occasional poems as well as a large work, Seder de-Eliyahu (Mantua, 1786). The names of all his books are connected with the name Elijah, such as Sava Eliyahu and Eliyahu be-Arba. His responsa are to be found in the Shemesh Ẓedakah of Samson Morpurgo, in the Paḥad Yizḥak of Isaac Lampronti, and in the Givat Pinḥas (unpublished) of Phinehas Anau. A number of talmudic and kabbalistic works, responsa, and homilies by Elijah remained unpublished. Isaac Raphael Finzi composed an elegy on his death.


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[Samuel Abba Horodezky]

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Elijah ben Raphael Solomon Ha-Levi

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