Einaeugler, Karol

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EINAEUGLER, KAROL (Ḥayyim; 1885–1952), lawyer and socialist leader, born in Lemberg. Member of a poor family, he became a socialist while still in secondary school. In 1905 he served as secretary of the founding committee of the *Jewish Social Democratic Party (zps; the Bund of Galicia), later becoming one of its major leaders. In independent Poland, Einaeugler won a reputation as a lawyer; he served as a member of the community council of Lvov and representative of the Bund for eastern Galicia. Between 1939 and 1948 he was interned at intervals in Soviet prisons, and returned to Poland seriously ill. He subsequently immigrated to the United States, where he maintained contact with Bundist groups there. Einaeugler wrote "Der Ershter Yidisher May Oyfruf in Galitsie" ("The First Jewish May Day Proclamation in Galicia," in: Historishe Shriftn, Yivo, 1939).


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