Einhorn, Moses

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EINHORN, MOSES (1896–1966), U.S. physician and editor. Born in Volkovysk, Russia, he was brought to Ereẓ Israel in 1908. In 1916 he was forced to emigrate by the Turkish authorities and after short sojourns in Egypt and the Balkans, he went to the U.S. Einhorn made several contributions to gastroenterology and headed the gastroenterological department of the Bronx Hospital in New York City. He is best known for his promotion of the use of Hebrew medical terminology. In 1926, together with Asher Goldstein, he founded the Hebrew medical journal Harofe ha-Ivri which appeared twice a year in New York until 1965. This journal was dedicated to the study of Hebrew medicine and Hebrew medical terminology. Einhorn contributed to the founding of various medical libraries in Israel, and in 1964 established a special fund in his name for the granting of prizes in Hebrew medical literature by the Tel Aviv municipality.


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