Ein Ha-Sheloshah

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EIN HA-SHELOSHAH (Heb. עֵין הַשְּׁלשָׁה), kibbutz in southern Israel, in the northwestern Negev, on the border of the *Gaza Strip, affiliated with Ha-No'ar ha-Ẓiyyoni. Ein ha-Sheloshah was founded in 1949 by former members of *Loḥamei Ḥerut Israel and originally called Neveh Ya'ir, after the underground name of their commander Avraham *Stern. They were succeeded one year later by a group of settlers from Argentina, Uruguay, and Morocco. Farm branches included citrus orchards and irrigated field crops. In 2002 the population of Ein ha-Sheloshah was 340. The settlement's name ("Spring of the Three") commemorates three South American members of the pioneer group who fell in Israel's War of Independence.

[Efraim Orni]