Ein Hod

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EIN HOD (Heb. עֵין הוֹד), artists' village in northern Israel, on Mt. Carmel E. of Athlit, founded on the initiative of the painter Marcel *Janco, in 1953, on the picturesque site of an abandoned Arab village. Artists inhabit the village either permanently or seasonally. Ein Hod has workshops for ceramics, lithography, weaving, and mosaics; art galleries; and an open-air amphitheater. Courses and seminars are held in painting, sculpture, lithography, and weaving. Antiquities of the Roman and Byzantine periods have been found, and there are crusader structures. During Napoleon's campaign (1799), the village served as a vacation site for French soldiers. In the mid-1990s Ein Hod's population was 291; by 2002 it had increased to 437. The village's name, which means literally "Spring of Splendor," was adapted from the name of the abandoned Arab village ʿAynal-Ḥawḍ ("The Garden Spring").

Website: www.ein-hod.Israel.net

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Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]