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JEWISH WORLD , English Jewish weekly newspaper published in London from 1873 to 1934. It was founded by George Lewis Lyon, a financial journalist (1828–1904), and its first editor was Myer Davis (1830–1912). Among other editors were S.L. *Bensusan, Jacob de *Haas, John Raphael, Lucien *Wolf, Stanley Fay, M.J. Landa, and David Spiro. For a time it published a Yiddish supplement, edited by Jacob *Hodess. In its time the Jewish World filled a position of some importance in Anglo-Jewish life, publishing articles by various Zionist leaders, as well as by non-Jewish precursors of Zionism such as Henry Wentworth Monk, and Holman Hunt, the painter. It was taken over in 1913 by the *Jewish*Chronicle, with which it was merged in 1934.


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