Bomberg, Daniel

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Dutch Christian printer and publisher of Hebrew books; b. Antwerp, Holland, c. 147080; d. Venice, Italy, 1549. In 1515 Bomberg established a printing press in Venice, where he published more than 200 Hebrew books. In 151617, he published the first Hebrew Bible, edited by Felix pratensis, that embraced not only the Hebrew text, but also the Aramaic Targums and Rabbinical commentaries. A second important edition of the Hebrew Bible published by Bomberg was that of Jacob ben Chayyim in 152425. In 151922, with the permission of Pope leo x, Bomberg published the first complete Babylonian talmud; his edition of the Palestinian Talmud appeared c. 152223. During this period he also published law books, grammatical works, and important books on various rites.

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