Bombolognus of Bologna

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Italian Dominican theologian; fl. 1265 to 1270. A contemporary of thomas aquinas, although not a Thomist, he lectured on the Sentences at the Dominican priory of San Domenico in Bologna. His is the earliest-known commentary on the Sentences composed by an Italian Dominican in Italy. The autograph copy containing the commentary on the first book of the Sentences is preserved in Bologna, Bibl. Univ. 753. Two other manuscripts, Bologna, Bibl. Univ. 755, and Assisi, Com. 155, contain his commentary on the third book. Although Parisian influences are not altogether lacking, the work fundamentally represents Italian traditions. Bombolognus upheld universal hylomorphism on the authority of avicebron. He described the thesis of the immaculate conception in clear terms, but he himself rejected it in favor of Mary's sanctification before birth. He was familiar with some of the writings of Aquinas, of St. bona venture, and of Peter of Tarentaise (later innocent v).

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