Bomze, Nahum

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BOMZE, NAHUM (1906–1954), Yiddish poet. Bomze was born in eastern Galicia. He made his literary debut in the *WarsawYugent Veker in 1929 and was a member of the Lemberg literary group Tsushtayer (1929–31). In the 1930s he lived in Warsaw and on the outbreak of wwii he went back to Lemberg (Lvov). Then he served with the Russian army during World War ii and after the war tried to settle in Poland again. In 1948 he settled in the United States. He published four collections of poetry: In di Teg fun Vokh (1929); Borvese Trit (1936); A Gast in Farnakht (1939); A Khasene in Herbst (1949). A selection of his poems with an introduction by H. *Leivick, Ayvik Bliyen Vet der Traum was published posthumously.


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