Bomtempo, João Domingos

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Bomtempo, João Domingos

Bomtempo, João Domingos, Portuguese pianist; b. Lisbon, Dec. 28, 1775; d. there, Aug. 18, 1842. He studied in Paris, then went to London, where he stayed until 1811. Returning to Lisbon, he was active on the concert stage. In 1816 he went to London again, and finally went back to Portugal in 1820. In 1822 he founded a phil. society in Lisbon, and in 1833 became director of the Lisbon Cons. He wrote 6 syms., 4 piano concertos, 14 piano sextets, a Piano Quintet, and several piano sonatas; also an opera, Alessandro in Efesso. He publ, a piano method (London, 1816).


M.A. de Lima Cruz, D. B. (Lisbon, 1937).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire