Bomb the System

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Bomb the System woof! 2005 (R)

A trio of young artists conduct nightly “bombings” in New York City, covering available spaces with their graffiti signatures. In sync with the subculture, their paint is always stolen, although they do pay for their drugs. One of the outlaws is continually nagged by his mother to take the art scholarship he was offered in San Francisco, but he's deaf to her pleadings. There are run-ins with the law, some girlfriend situations and self-righteous speeches thrown into the mix but one never feels much sympathy toward the rebel-with-a-cause premise because truly they're just low-life druggie vandals. 93m/C DVD . US Mark Webber, Gano Grills, Jade Yorker, Jaclyn DeSantis, Joey Dedio, Stephan Buchanana, Bonz Malone, Donna Mitchell, Al Sapienza, Kumar Pallana; D: Adam Bhala Lough; W: Adam Bhala Lough; C: Ben Kutchins; M: El-P.