Amir, Aharon

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AMIR, AHARON (1923– ), Israeli writer, translator, and editor. Amir, who was born in Kovno, immigrated to Palestine in 1935. He studied Arabic language and literature at the Hebrew University. A member of the anti-British underground organization Leḥi, he served on the editorial board of its daily, Mivrak, and edited its literary supplement (1948). Amir was also a founding member of the Canaanite movement, which saw Hebrew culture as defined by geographical location rather than by religious affiliation. He edited Alef (from 1948–50 with Yonathon Ratosh, and from 1950 on his own), the periodical of the *Canaanites. His publications include Kaddim ("Sirocco," poetry, 1949) and Saraf ("Fiery Angel," poetry, 1957); Ahavah ("Love," stories, 1952); Ve-lo Tehi la-Mavet Memshalah ("And Death Shall Not Rule," novel, 1955); the trilogy Nun (1969–89); Matteh Aharon ("Aaron's Rod," poetry, 1966); and Ha-Nevalim ("The Villains," 1998). Amir also edited several books and anthologies. He translated many books into Hebrew, from English, French, and American literature. In 1959 he founded and became editor of Keshet, a literary and political quarterly.


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