Amis du Manifeste et de la Liberté

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Algerian nationalist organization (usually called AML), 19441945 (in English, Friends of the Manifesto and of Liberty).

The AML represented a remarkable synthesis of Algerian groups dedicated to nationalismmoderates, followers of Messali al-Hadj (Messalists), and the ulama (Islamic scholars). It was chiefly organized by Ferhat Abbas, a moderate nationalist who was increasingly pessimistic over the prospects of genuine colonial reform; he had written the "Manifesto of the Algerian Muslim People" in February 1943. Messali al-Hadj, the most radical nationalist, was recognized as the AML's titular head. In addition, the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulama (or Reformist Ulama) supported the new nationalist front. The AML was blamed for the violence of the Setif Revolt in May 1945. Its fragile unity, fissured before this tragedy, fractured afterward as the nationalists resumed their separate paths toward independence.

see also abbas, ferhat; association of algerian muslim ulama (auma); hadj, messali al-; setif revolt (1945).

Phillip C. Naylor