Amis, Vivian 1961–

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Amis, Vivian 1961–

PERSONAL: Born January 23, 1961, in Wiesbaden, Germany; naturalized U.S. citizen; daughter of Peter and Brigitta (Pfeiffer) Liebschwager; married Angel Alfredo, 1986 (marriage ended, 1996); married Rafael Quinones (a granite installer); children: Caroline Bruhn, Brian, Charlene, Rebecca. Education: Attended a trade school for beauticians.

ADDRESSES: Home—10102 Singing Oaks Ct., Tampa, FL 33615. Office—P.O. Box 261274, Tampa, FL 33685-1274. E-mail[email protected]

CAREER: Writer. Spiritual healer and teacher of spiritual consciousness. Worked as a sales associate at Dillards, a bank analyst, and an office manager of lifeguards, all in Tampa, FL. Healing Arts Alliances, member.


The Essentials of Life, I-nspire Direct (Clearwater, FL), 2004.

Contributor to periodicals.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Reflections, on the spiritual understanding of relationships; research on spiritual color therapy and spiritual numerology.

SIDELIGHTS: Vivian Amis told CA: "My primary motivation for writing is to make a difference in people's everyday lives. God is my main motivation. Jesus's life teachings influence my work. I feel a strong need to interpret the Bible and the teachings of Jesus into a usable, understandable language. In meditation I receive messages that I pass on in my teachings: books, classes, and consultations.

"I experienced a healing at the age of eleven. A spiritual experience at the age of twenty-seven put me on my path to seek the truth of our being."