Special-Interest Terrorism

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Special-Interest Terrorism

Introduction to Special-Interest Terrorism


"The Chinese, The Chinese, You Know"

John E. Donnelly and W. S. Mullally, 1885

Southern Horrors

Ida B. Wells, 1892

"Make Way for the Molly Maguires"

Anonymous, Date Unknown

KKK in the Civil Rights Era

John N. Popham, 1956

"U.S. Plane Seized, Flown to Havana"

Milt Sosin, 1961

"Industrial Society and Its Future"

Theodore Kaczynski, 1995

"Soldier in the Army of God"

Anne Bower, 1996

Olympic Park Bombing

Lois R. Ember, 1996


U.S. House of Representatives, 1998

Missile Hits Home of British Intelligence

Tom Buerkle, 2000

"How Did Eric Rudolph Survive?"

Patrick Jonsson, 2003

"Hamas Rising From the Ashes"

The Economist, 2003

"Anthrax Detection"

The U.S. Government Accountability Office, 2005

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Special-Interest Terrorism

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