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myrobalan The common name for several different shrubs and trees of economic importance in warm climates or, in some cases, of their fruit.
1. Two species of Terminalia (family Combretaceae) whose unripe, astringent fruits (also called myrobalans) are a source of tannins. The tropical or Indian almond is the edible kernel of the fruit of T. catappa.

2. Phyllanthus emblic (emblic or myrobalan, family Euphorbiaceae) yields a fleshy, globular fruit about 2.5 cm in diameter which is used to make preserves in tropical Asia.

3. Prunus cerasifera (myrobalan plum or cherry plum) produces edible fruit but is more valued as a grafting stock (see GRAFT) and as an ornamental.


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myrobalan plum-like fruit used now in tanning, etc. XVI. — F. myrobolan or its source L. myrobalanum — Gr. murobálanos, f. múron balsam, unguent + bálanos acorn, date, ben-nut.