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Lisburn (lĬz´bûrn´, lĬs´–), town (1991 pop. 40,391) and district, E Northern Ireland, on the Lagan River. The town's chief industry, linen manufacture, was introduced by the Huguenots after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685). Within the district, the Lambeg Industrial Research Association is a major fiber research laboratory. Other products are automotive parts, sheet metal, and electrical equipment. In Lisburn is a monument to Jeremy Taylor, who died there. Lisburn is the seat of the Roman Catholic bishop of Down and Connor and of the Protestant bishop of Connor. A technical school is located in the former home of Sir William Wallace.


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Lisburnadjourn, astern, Berne, burn, churn, concern, discern, earn, fern, fohn, kern, learn, Lucerne, quern, Sauternes, spurn, stern, Sterne, tern, terne, Traherne, turn, urn, Verne, yearn •Bayern • Blackburn • heartburn •Hepburn • Raeburn • Swinburne •Gisborne, Lisburn •sideburn • sunburn • Bannockburn •lady-fern • Vättern • extern •cittern, gittern •Comintern • taciturn •nocturn, nocturne •U-turn • upturn