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Arran, James Stewart, 4th earl of [S] (c.1550–95). James Stewart was a second son of Lord Ochiltree [S]. After service with the Dutch he returned to Scotland in 1579 and was soon in favour with James VI, who appointed him a gentleman of the bedchamber in 1580. He took an active part in the prosecution of Morton for complicity in the murder of Darnley, James's father. His relative the 3rd earl of Arran, who was insane, was placed in his charge and in 1581 consented to renounce the earldom in Stewart's favour. In 1583 he was temporarily ousted by the protestant lords in the Ruthven raid, but recovered his position in 1584 and had Gowrie executed. He became chancellor [S] and for a time wielded great power. But he was overthrown in the coup of November 1585, attainted, and exiled. Though he returned, he never recaptured his former influence and in 1595 was murdered by Sir James Douglas in revenge for his part in Morton's downfall.

J. A. Cannon

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Arran (âr´ən), island (1981 pop. 4,725), 165 sq mi (427 sq km), North Ayshire, W Scotland, in the Firth of Clyde. It is largely granitic and is wild and rocky; it rises to 2,866 ft (874 m). Its scenery and its hunting and fishing have made it a resort. Brodick is the chief town. Robert I hid on Arran (1306–7) and launched his invasion of the mainland from Arran.