Arregui, Antonio María

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Spanish Jesuit theologian; b. Pamplona, Navarre, Jan. 17, 1863; d. Barcelona, Oct. 10, 1942. After teaching for 13 years before World War I in the Jesuit theologate at Oña, he published Summarium theologiae moralis (Bilbao 1918), a convenient handbook of moral theology used by Jesuit students of theology ever since. His 20 years as tertian master at Manresa brought him fame as an expert director in Jesuit spirituality. His second major work was on the constitution and rules of the Society of Jesus, Annotationes ad epitomen Instituti Societatis Jesu (Rome 1934).

Bibliography: m. zalba, "Un moralista español de nuestros días," Estudios eclesiásticos 19 (1945) 247257.

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