Arquimbau, Rosa Maria (1910—)

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Arquimbau, Rosa Maria (1910—)

Spanish novelist and journalist for leftist periodicals. Name variations: (pseudonym) Rosa de Sant Jordi. Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1910.

Selected works:

Historia d'una noia i vont braçalets (Story of a Girl and Twenty Bracelets, 1934); Home i dona (Man and Woman, 1936); 40 anys perduts (Forty Years Lost, 1971).

During Spain's Second Republic, Rosa Maria Arquimbau was a journalist and collaborator on several leftist periodicals. When the Spanish Civil War began, Arquimbau's leanings put her on the side of the Loyalists who, by 1939, had been defeated. Along with approximately 250,000 other Spaniards, Arquimbau was driven into exile after the war. Her fiction had experienced some success in the years leading up to the war, but following it Arquimbau found it difficult to publish her work in Spain. She re-emerged in 1971 with 40 anys perduts (Forty Years Lost).

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