Arran, Thomas Boyd, earl of

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Arran, Thomas Boyd, earl of [S] (d. c.1474). As son of Robert, Lord Boyd, Thomas benefited greatly from the coup of July 1466, when James III (1460–88) was seized at Linlithgow. By his father's influence he was made earl of Arran, given extensive lands, and was married to Mary, elder sister of the king (1467). This was resented by James III and many nobles, who felt Mary should have been married abroad. Arran was one of the ambassadors who concluded the treaty of Copenhagen, by which Margaret of Denmark married James III, and Orkney and Shetland were pawned to the Scottish crown (1468). However, while on the embassy, the Boyds were removed from power. Arran fled to Bruges with Mary, and was forfeited (1469). An attempt to return to Scotland in 1471 was abandoned when James III detained his wife, following her earlier return. He subsequently resided in England until his death.

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