Till Eulenspiegel

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Till Eulenspiegel. Tone-poem for orch., Op.28, by R. Strauss, full title being Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, nach alter Schelmenweise—in Rondeauform—für grosses Orchester gestetzt ( Till Eulenspiegel's merry pranks, in the manner of an old rogue—in rondo form—set for full orchestra). Comp. 1894–5, f.p. Cologne 1895 cond. Wüllner. Strauss abandoned idea of opera on the subject 1893–4. Till's adventures were first told in a 15th-cent. book and remain part of Ger. folklore. Other composers who have treated the subject incl. Alpaerts (symphonic poem), Blockx (opera, 1900), Jeremiáš (opera, 1949), Rezniček (opera, 1902), and M. Steinberg (ballet). Strauss's score has been basis of several ballets, incl. one by Nijinsky (1916).

Eulenspiegel, Till

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Eulenspiegel, Till ( Strauss). See Till Eulenspiegel.

Eulenspiegel, Till

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Eulenspiegel, Till a German peasant (in English, Owlglass) of the 14th century whose jokes were the subject of a 16th-century collection of satirical tales.